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n 2005 Federica and Cesare, originally from Catania, decided to leave city life behind them and move to the northern slopes of the Etna volcano. They remodeled the palmento – the old stone winery- that belonged to his grandfather and 8 brothers. They started reviving the one-hectare of alberello, bush vines.
The initial goal was to be as self-sufficient as possible. Growing their own vegetables, making olive oil, raising farm animals and producing enough wine for their own, admittedly ample, consumption.
After their vineyard was brought back to full swing, the 3000 bottles they produce became too much to drink at home and they decided to start bottling it and selling it to a few friends.
The farm lies at 800 meters above sea level (2400 feet) in the township of Randazzo. The bush vines are more than 100 years old, mostly Nerello Mascalese with some Nerello Cappuccio. The vinification process takes place in their open volcanic stone vat, where the fermentation starts spontaneously and the maceration lasts for about 2 weeks. The wine is then placed in used tonneaux where it matures for one year before being bottled unfiltered.
In 2020 they decided to quit the Etna DOC consortium as they felt it did not do anything of value for a small and independent thinking winery like theirs. They now bottle their wine as table wine.