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A recent project started in 2016 by 4 friends, all veterans in the wine world, when an elderly farmer, no longer able to tend his land, decided to sell his 2 hectares of 50 years old alberello Negroamaro vines. The offer was impossible to resist and the first wine was released in 2019, only 4,000 bottles of it. An additional 2 hectares of Susumaniello were acquired, a local grape varietal that was widely grown but that for a number of reasons (late ripening, low yields soon after its vigorous first years of life etc.) had almost disappeared. The name Susumaniello comes from the local dialect expression for the Italian word somarello, donkey, an animal much needed to carry the heavy loads of grapes from the plentiful harvest from the young vines.
We are in the sun-scorched Salento, in the Brindisi province, near the sea, along the ancient Roman Appian Way. A classic Mediterranean landscape, mostly flat, where olive trees and vines play the main role.
18,000 bottles is the yearly production.