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The historic Cascina Ballarin winery was founded in 1928 as a mixed use farm with cattle, orchards and small vineyards in La Morra and Bussia di Monforte.
Gianni Viberti, the third generation in the family, decided to start his independent project, separating the property with his brother.
With the help of his daughter Cecilia, fresh from enology school, the first Barolo was released, 2019 vintage. The organic certification arrived in 2022, the biodynamic one in 2023. Cecilia’s, now fully in charge of winemaking, has a traditional approach, adopting spontaneous fermentations, long macerations and patient aging of the wines before release.
The property now covers 7 hectares, 5 dedicated to vines and 2 to apple orchards. Gianni, who in 2015 became a master distiller under the careful guidance of Mr. Capovilla, harvests the apples which are then distilled, making a rare eau de vie.
After distillation the must is turned into compost and then used in the vineyards and orchards as fertilizers, completing the life cycle of the organic components of nature.