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La Prevostura is a 5 hectares estate located in the township of Lessona in the Alto Piemonte wine-producing region, roughly 100 miles north of Alba and 50 miles east of the Val d’Aosta Alps.
Alto Piemonteuntil the years after WWII was a major wine-producing region with 40.000 hectarescovered with vineyards. After the war most of the farmers abandoned the countryside to look for more secure and better-paid jobs in industrial cities like Milan and Turin. Now only 1500 hectares of vines remain, divided among several denominations: Gattinara, Ghemme, Boca, Bramaterra, Sizzano and Lessona. Lessona with only 8 hectares divided amongst 7 producers is the second smallest denomination after Boca.
The brothers Marco and Davide Bellini in 2001 acquired the land that in the early 1900’s belonged to a historicLessona producer and planted Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Croatina in soil rich in ancient marine sands. The south facing vineyards, as it is typical of this region, are small pockets of clearing amidst thick woods and forest, vineyards reclaimed from decades of abandonment.
The Bellini brothers asked Cristiano Garella, a young winemaker and expert in the wines of Alto Piemonte, to help them craft wines that would express the terroir of the Lessona hills, wines of pure and elegant character, whose delicate color conceals structure and complexity.
The vineyards are planted at a density of 4500 vines per hectare, at an altitude of 390 meters above sea level.
The total production is 10.000 bottles.