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This small winery is the project of Sandrino Quadraroli, the owner of one of the finest restaurants in central Marche, Osteria del Borgia. Always a champion of the wines of his region, in 2012 he was finally able to crown his dream of producing wine. The 4 hectares estate was planted in 1999, upside down Guyot system, on clay, sandy and limestone soil, 500 meters above sea level. South-facing hills above lake Caccamo, in the township of Serrapetrona located in the mountainous central part of the Marche region.The focus of the winery is the grape varietal indigenous to this sub-region: Vernaccia Nera, not to be found anywhere else in the world. This grape has a long history in this region but it was always vinified sparkling and semi-sweet, possibly in order to tame the bold characteristics that this varietal possess: crushed white and black pepper. Over the past two decades or so a new generation of wineries aims on exalting the unique character of Vernaccia Nera and are bottling still, dry wines. The results are fascinating: the wines are distinctive, aromatic, full-bodied but elegant and vibrant, with good minerality and refreshing acidity. Podere sul Lago produces a total of 10.000 bottles.