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Angelo Muto personally tends the 5 hectares of vineyards that have been in the family for three generations. In 2006 Angelo chose to bottle his own wine made entirely from the Greco di Tufo grape, the most ancient of white grapes in the region of Campania. In his hands this varietal turns into one of the most unique and formidable expressions of this varietal. The vines grow on the hills surrounding the town of Tufo, where in the 800’s large sulfur mines were in full activity, where more than 900 men at a time worked. The soil is composed of chalk, sand and rocks of sulphur. This terroir imparts a distinctive quality to Angelo’s Greco which he calls “Miniere”, mines. Tension, minerality and citrus notes blend with the unmistakable influence of the sulphur-rich soil, making this wine age-worthy.
Around 20,000 bottles are produced yearly.