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The Favaro winery was started in 1991 when the first vines of Erbaluce were planted by Camillo Favaro and his parents. The winery is in Northern Piemonte just a few miles east of Val d�Aosta, near the town of Piverone. It sits along the Serra mountain ridge that belongs to one of the oldest glacial mountain chains in the world, rising uncannily from the flat countryside. The 3 hectares of vines, rooted on sandy and pebbly soli, focus mostly on Erbaluce, the main indigenous varietal of this region, not to be found anywhere else in Italy. It produces a white wine of mountain character, with good acidity and minerality and surprising complexity and longevity. Historically it was a difficult to manage varietal, extremely acidic and often vinified with residual sugar to compensate its harsh profile. Climate changes have helped Erbaluce increase ripeness, while improved viticultural knowledge and vineyard management have helped this wine reach standards of quality which were unimaginable only 30 years ago. A tiny new wave of Erbaluce producers is finally bringing this unique varietal to the attention of the wine world.

Favaro�s production is 20.000 bottles of which 11.000 are of Erbaluce.

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